Lion Dance Brooch
Lion Dance Brooch

Lion Dance Brooch

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Lion dances are always performed at Lunar New Year, to help bring in good luck and fortune.  
When I was a child, my uncles used to perform the lion dance at our extended family Lunar New Year gatherings.  I watched with pride and glee and my uncles always gave me a personal lion dance snap at my fingers.
This lion doesn't have the traditional red and gold colours.  Rather, I made the lion with pearl blue 'fur', and pink and gold contrasts.  The lion's deep blue eyes reflect with a teeny bit of glitter.  A pink tassel swings from the lion's head, to symbolise the movement of its dance.
The lion brooch measures approximately 7.5cm in height (including the tassel) and 4cm in width.  A bar pin has been secured at the back of the brooch.
Representation is incredibly important at Ana ma Petit Tresor.  This collection for Lunar New Year has been carefully designed with heartfelt thought.  I designed this to honour my cultural heritage and share my heritage with pride and love.  I truly hope you enjoy these pieces with this in mind.  Diversity is strength in our community.
Please note that while no pets are permitted in the sewing studio, there is a pet present in the house.
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