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Anh - Ana ma Petit Tresor - Australian Handmade Women's Clothing



Hi! My name is Anh and I have been obsessed with handmade and artisan products since I was a child. I've been creating things with my hands for many years, and once I had my first child Ana, I started to make her clothing. The rest as they say, is history!


I live in comfortable clothing all day everyday. But I don't want to look boring. So I have put together classic pieces of ladies clothing that are comfortable, but look amazing! They are versatile pieces you can mix and match, adapt for various occasions or weather, and most of all, look fabulous.

I carefully select fabrics which include Liberty Tana Lawn, designer fabrics from Japan, US and Australia, and exclusive designs too.

I live in sunny Brisbane, Australia, and you will often find me in my home studio researching fabric and ideas. I have two children (Ana and Adam), and a husband who crazily encourages my fabric buying sprees and handmade ideas. I love to travel, eat food, make my kids laugh, cuddle my dog Rosie, and sleep.

Ana ma Petit Tresor - Australian Handmade Ladies Clothing