Bau Cau Ca Cop Brooch
Bau Cau Ca Cop Brooch

Bau Cau Ca Cop Brooch

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This brooch is for the hard core Lunar New Year people out there!
This brooch is dedicated to those of Vietnamese heritage, and those who appreciate Vietnamese heritage.
When I go to my nana's house for Lunar New Year celebrations, I aways play this game with my cousins.  While the game is called Bau Cau Ca Cop, I just call it the crab game.  My cousins and I bet with small silver coins, but if we feel extra lucky, we might through in a gold coin, or even a $5 note!  We always yelled and carried on and my nana would get an absolute kick out of our rowdiness.
The brooch is made with white tiles, metallic, pearlised, and glitter acrylics.  A tiny glitter green 'dice' dangles from the game.  
The lion brooch measures approximately 7cm in height and 6.8cm in width.  A bar pin has been secured at the back of the brooch. *Due to the delicate details of this brooch, there may be some variation in placement*
Representation is incredibly important at Ana ma Petit Tresor.  This collection for Lunar New Year has been carefully designed with heartfelt thought.  I designed this to honour my cultural heritage and share my heritage with pride and love.  I truly hope you enjoy these pieces with this in mind.  Diversity is strength in our community.
Please note that while no pets are permitted in the sewing studio, there is a pet present in the house.
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