Âu Cơ Bird Dangle Earrings
Âu Cơ Bird Dangle Earrings

Âu Cơ Bird Dangle Earrings

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Âu Cơ was not just a princess or partner. She was also a healer. She spent much time using her skills to heal people, and was powerful in her own right. So much so, that she was able to transform into bird form to trick monsters who might otherwise attack her.
Âu Cơ is seen as a symbol of female strength, someone who was powerful and independent.
This is Âu Cơ in bird form, with plumes of blue and green, and flashes of purple. Her golden body is in mid flight, as she flies through the skies with freedom.
The lanterns are made with pearlised blue and green acrylic, with gold and chunky glitter purple acrylic.  A metallic teal earring drop finishes the piece.
The earrings measure 5.5cm in height and 3.5cm in width.  The earrings are finished with hypoallergenic steel studs and a comfort backs.

Representation is incredibly important at Ana ma Petit Tresor. This small collection has been carefully designed with heartfelt thought and tells the Myth of Origin.  If you would like to read the story please click here.  I designed this to honour my cultural heritage and share my heritage with pride and love.  I truly hope you enjoy these pieces with this in mind.  Diversity is strength in our community.
If you would like to read the full version of the myth of Origin, please click here.
Please note that while no pets are permitted in the sewing studio, there is a pet present in the house.
Please note that the number of ready to post earrings are limited.  After the ready to post items have sold out, this listing automatically converts to PRE-ORDER and pre-order earings will be sent out in EARLY APRIL 2024.