Upcycled Reusable Fabric Masks - size M (Ladies/Teens)

Upcycled Reusable Fabric Masks - size M (Ladies/Teens)

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Please read the entire product listing prior to making any purchase so you understand the terms of this purchase.

One of a kind masks made using carefully selected upcycled vintage cross stitched fabric.  Honouring a timeless craft and hours of hand stitched work, and show casing it in all its glory in a time where we need it.  Please note that cross stitch placement may vary due to the handmade nature of this product, but please be assured that each product was carefully cut to showcase each cross stitch motif.  

This contoured reusable face mask has a snug fit to help ensure less gaps.  This mask has 3 layers - a tightly woven upcycled cross stitched cotton outer layer, a layer of polypropylene, and another layer of tightly woven cotton lining. The mask has nylon loops to wear over and behind your head only. This mask is a size M and suitable for teens and most women. 

This mask is not a medical grade mask. This mask is for when you cannot maintain social distancing and help provide an additional barrier which may assist in protecting others. Staying home and thoroughly washing hands remains the primary way to protect from risk of transmission of germs.

This product is ready to post and will be posted THIS WEEK. Registered letter post is included. 


Care Instructions

This is a reusable mask.  To help ensure longevity, please wash in a gentle warm machine wash in a laundry bag.  You may also wash by hand in very warm water. Please check the mask to ensure there are no holes or tears each time you use it.

All fabrics used have been washed prior to sewing and air dried in the sun.