Silk Lantern Dangle Earrings
Silk Lantern Dangle Earrings
Silk Lantern Dangle Earrings

Silk Lantern Dangle Earrings

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For as long as I can remember, I have loved colourful lanterns. Paper lanterns, cellophane lanterns, homemade lanterns, and silk lanterns.  I would see them at Lunar New Year and at the Moon festival.  It was always a time of fun and festivities.
Lanterns symbolise good fortune, and lighting them is said to bring health and happiness.
These particular silk lanterns are unique to my cultural heritage and come from the same region as my grandparents.
The lanterns have been specifically designed to reflect authentic cultural heritage, and is done so with pride.
The earrings have been cut from several layers of acrylic, and are carefully pieced together like a puzzle.  The lantern has a champagne gold metallic frame, as well as 'tassel' dangle.  It has inviting pink 'silk' partitions, and there are bamboo and blossom decorative features on the lantern.
The earrings measure 40mm across and 80mm in length.  US made hypoallergenic stainless steel posts have been attached, with soft comfort backs.

Please note that while no pets are permitted in the sewing studio, there is a pet present in the house.

Please note that the earrings will be sent out in at the END OF JANUARY 2023.