Les Bijoux II- Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
Les Bijoux II- Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
Les Bijoux II- Hammered Sterling Silver Ring
Les Bijoux II- Hammered Sterling Silver Ring

Les Bijoux II- Hammered Sterling Silver Ring

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I am proud to bring you the second collection of Les Bijoux!

These rings have been made with a jeweller that I have used for years.  They specialise in sterling silver and this hammered silver ring is just perfect!

The Hammered Sterling Silver Ring

Sometimes the simple rings are all you need.  But we don't want it to be *too* simple do we?  Nope!  I wanted this ring to look beautiful on it's own, but also able to be worn with other rings in your jewellery box.  Or stacked together for that extra shine!

Each ring is carefully hand hammered to create a beautiful texture, and the band is about 2mm thick in solid silver.

Love this ring?  Why not wear them in a stack of 4?  I'll sweeten the deal - by 4 hammered sterling silver rings for $99!!

As each ring will be custom made for YOU, please consider the US sizing chart carefully.  If you are unsure of your ring size, you can purchase a ring sizer to determine the correct size for you.  Please note that no returns are possible on these rings due to incorrect sizing.  Please also understand that the colour of each stone may vary slightly due to different computer screens and also due the normal variation between each stone.

This collection is a PRE-ORDER collection.  Please allow approximately one month from pre order close date for your ring to be carefully made just for you.

About Les Bijoux

I grew up spending a lot of time with my nana.  Nana would show me her jewellery box with all of her cocktail rings and necklaces.  She told me how she smuggled out jewellery sewn in pockets when she escaped her country back in the 70's.

Nana always called her jewellery bijoux, so I thought that was what jewellery was called - bijoux!

My nana is now 88.  When I see her she still wears statement rings and a jade bangle, and earrings that sparkle.  Always bright.  

I don't have much fine jewellery other than my wedding rings and watch.  However I have always adored chunky sterling silver jewellery.  I've collected statement pieces from various corners of the world, and I love the story and history behind them.  

After much research and testing, and working with an excellent team, I have put together Les Bijoux.  This collection showcases stunning gemstones that have been hand cut into amazing pieces and set into timeless pieces.  There is something for everyone, pieces that can be worn every day or on special occasions.