Clay Aroma Pebbles
Clay Aroma Pebbles

Clay Aroma Pebbles

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Calling all essential oil lovers out there!

I love using essential oils, they are the only scents I don't react to (I get bad headaches with perfumes).  I love having scents around my home, however there are only so many electric diffusers that I have.

Instead of having electric diffusers (or open flames) going on everywhere, I made clay pebbles to hold essential oils.  It smells amazing and lasts for hours.  

I hand shaped each pebble with speckled clay, and they have been bisque fired at 1000 degrees, then washed to remove any dust.  I carefully pack them in a little travel tin so you can take it anywhere.  The tin comes in a little calico bag making it convenient to carry.

These travel tins are ideal to have on your desk, near you bed next to your bath or shower, or to take with you when you travel.  Have it in the caravan or car!  And they don't need electricity or heat.

Best of all, the travel tin comes with a complimentary 1ml dram of an essential oil of my own Winter Warmer blend! The Winter Warmer blend is a comforting combination of Eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, and lavender oils and it smells soooo lovely. Alternatively you may choose an essential oil from a local Australian oil company.

The tins measure 5cm across and 3cm in depth.

Please note that while no pets are permitted in the studio, there is a pet present in the house.