Cute Seascape Skirt - designed by Ana and Adam

Cute Seascape Skirt - designed by Ana and Adam

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This is my favourite print for 2021!!  Why you ask?  Because my two children Ana, aged 9, and Adam, aged 7, drew it!

They drew all their favourite cute sea creatures - axolotl, adorabilis, sea horse, turtle, star fish and more, Ana and Adam spent a lot of time researching what they thought were the cutest sea creatures and drew them for YOU!  The sea creatures float happily in their calm sea water playground.

This fabric is 100% cotton sateen.

This ladies skirt has an elasticised waist for comfort.  The skirt is perfect for dressing up for a night out or even work, or wearing with a tshirt on the weekend or school pick up.


*Overall skirt length is approximately 55cm long*

Size 6: waist 60cm; hips 85cm

Size 8: waist 65cm; hips 90cm

Size 10: waist 70cm; hips 95cm

Size 12: waist 75cm; hips 100cm

Size 14: waist 80cm; hips 105cm

Size 16: waist 85cm; hips 110cm

Size 18: waist 90cm; hips 115cm

Size 20: waist 95cm; hips 120cm

Size 22: waist 100cm; hips 125cm

Size 24: 105cm; hips 130cm


Please note that while no pets are permitted in the sewing studio, there is a pet present in the house.

This piece is custom made just for you! Please allow up to one month for your item to be made.